An Ohio Private Selling Officer, also known as a PSO, is an appointed officer of the court who is ordered to sell foreclosed real property for the court in a judicial sale instead of the county sheriff. The days of combing through the county’s legal newspaper each week and attending live auctions are in the past.

PSO’s are real estate professionals and hold both an Ohio real estate license and auctioneers license. We are authorized to list the properties with our real estate brokerage allowing the properties to be listed in the MLS and online with cooperating real estate firms and other websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, LoopNet.com, and many others. These properties are also authorized for listing in online auctions and, unlike the county sheriff’s auction, can pay a commission to Realtors who participate in our auctions. OhioForeclosures.com is authorized to hold open houses on vacant properties and issues deeds to auction winners immediately after payment is received.

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